Sena Clara Creston
night lights

Morgan 2005




Night Lights 2005




Kerosene 2005




Poison Oak 2005




Julia Running 2005




Through the Fence 2005




Nate Under the Umbrella 2005




Dandelions 2005




Tail Lights 2005




Kitty 2006




Carrying Alyson 2005




Lookout 2005




Piers 2005




Dirt Road 2005




BMX 2005




>Wendy's 2005




Seance 2005




Ryan 2005




The Kiss 2005




Night Lights is a series of staged hyper-realistic photographs depicting idealized moments of childhood memory. To suggest a closer relationship between viewer and object, I presented my images as light boxes and set them in a small dark room to create a quiet breeding ground for fantasy and memory.



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